Solar Panels For Commerical Properties

At this point, we don’t need to tell you about the vast benefits of commercial solar. In Adelaide, solar panels are becoming an incredibly common addition to a variety of businesses around the city. If you are thinking about jumping into the world of commercial solar, First Choice Solar is here to ensure that you don’t get confused by the abundance of products out there.

Adelaide solar panels that are suited for commercial properties are plentiful, and it is important to differentiate between the good and the bad. So, when you are looking for solar panels that suit your desire and function, start by using the tier system to weed out sub-par manufactures!

The Very Best

Solar panel manufactures in Australia are categorised into three tiers, with tier one Adelaide solar panels being the best. An Adelaide solar panel manufacturer that is ranked in the tier one category is in the top 2% of Australian solar panel companies. This status doesn’t come without diligent consideration and is awarded to manufacturers that use advanced robotic processes during the construction phases.

For your commercial property in Adelaide, you want to ensure that you are getting panels that can last for years to come and are incredibly efficient for your benefit. Keeping an eye on the tier category is a fantastic way to find out which are the best for you.

Research and Design

One of the very best core traits of commercial solar panel manufacturers that are categorised in tier one is the company’s ability to invest in their own business. All tier one solar companies invest heavily in research and design, in an attempt to further advance the capability of their products. As the customer, you are the benefactor of this investment, as a company investing in R&D will likely to have some of the most efficient and effective solar panels available in Adelaide.


To get tier one status, the solar business must have been around for a minimum of five years. This compulsory trait means that as a business owner buying solar, you know that you are purchasing the product from a manufacturer that knows the ins and outs of Australian solar. With experience comes development, and therefore the panels will be at the forefront of technological advancements in the commercial solar space.

If budget is a concern, all tiers of solar panels have their uses and benefits. The Adelaide solar panel market for commercial properties is full of different panels and different installers. At First Choice Solar, as a passionate installer, we can help you choose a panel-type and brand that suits your specific needs. For information about solar panels in Adelaide, or to request a measure and quote, contact our team at First Choice Solar today!