Solar Systems Adelaide

Looking to get a Solar System in Adelaide?

As one of Adelaide’s longest-serving solar providers, established in 2009, First Choice Solar can assist you in selecting the right system to fit your needs. We offer a free, no-obligation quote. We specialise in residential and commercial solar systems. All work and parts are fully guaranteed and installed by our qualified technicians.

We sell and install all the big brands; Longi, Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, REC, Q Cells, Fronius, SMA, Goodwe., this ensures you get the right system and the best value for your solar system.

What is included in a rooftop solar power system?

Main components of a solar system ‘rooftop’

  • Solar Invertor
  • Solar panels
  • Solar panels mounting system
  • Solar Battery storage – Our consultant can discuss the pros & cons of a solar battery.

What solar products to use?

Buying Solar is a lot like buying any electrical appliance. Let’s use the example of a TV.
TV.’s come in all sizes at all different prices. Different brands, different features, different quality, different warranties, big brands, obscure brands, good brands, cheaper brands, good picture and sound through to poor picture and poor sound.
Solar Panels and Inverters are the same.
We have all bought a TV before, so we understand that, but we might not have purchased Solar before.
Don’t despair! We have used our knowledge and experience to match products together to make choosing simple.