Is It Necessary I Have A Solar Battery?

Nowadays, residential solar is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. It is not uncommon to walk down a street in suburban Adelaide and see large solar panels scattered across multiple roofs. At First Choice Solar, we firmly believe that the vast majority of Australians can benefit from solar power. However, you may know about solar panels, but have you heard of solar batteries?

In South Australia, there has been a lot of talk about batteries recently, and not just big ones! One of the latest revelations in the world of solar power is the solar battery. This nifty little device is used to store solar power, allowing Adelaide homes to further utilise residential solar power. If you are wondering how exactly this works, and if you need one – First Choice Solar is here to fill in the blanks.


Residential solar systems complete with batteries are relatively straightforward. The sun’s energy is collected in the panels and converted into the power we use in our homes. Commonly, any excess power that is generated is fed back into the grid, but with solar batteries, that excess power that isn’t used will be used to charge inconspicuous batteries.

Now, what happens after that depends on a few things. Mostly it is the size of the system and battery combination that affects the functionality of solar batteries. You will need a certain size solar system to generate enough power to charge solar batteries (commonly around 5kw minimum) then the capacity of the batteries will be determined by their size.

Once the sun is down, you can continue to use the sun’s energy to power the things around your home. How long this will last depends on the above factors. But, nevertheless, it is an added bonus!

Go further with your solar

Basically, batteries allow your residential solar power to go a bit further. The primary benefit of this system is it allows you to go longer without retrieving power from the grid, and therefore increasing your positive environmental contribution and saving you in quarterly bills down the line. At First Choice Solar, we look at the broad range of solar batteries on the market with fond eyes, and even though a regular solar system (complete with panels and inverter) is a fantastic addition, adding batteries will help you use more of the sun’s energy, and therefore benefit your residential solar output.

We understand that it can be a bit difficult to comprehend, but we are here to help. Our solar professionals can provide you with a surplus of information about different solar products and the inner workings of renewable energy. If you think your Adelaide home or business will benefit from solar power, start your journey today with First Choice Solar! Call today to organise a quote and consultation.