Stoneyfell Solar with Tigo


Are you looking to upgrade your Solar System?
Putting solar on your home was probably one of the smartest choices you have made for your family home. Over time, solar panel technology has evolved, and the modern-day system offers greater efficiency and higher output.
First Choice Solar can assess your current system and offer expert advice on the ‘best value’ system to meet your energy needs and keep your power bill under control.

The Stoneyfell residence benefited greatly with an upgraded solar system. First Choice Solar utilised the existing 4kW system (16 panels). However, the old micro invertors were beginning to fail and were removed.
6kW of Longi panels were added to the system, increasing the output to 10kW. The system was connected to a high-quality 10kW SMA Inverter.
Tigo Optimisers& Tigo Cloud Connect was added to the system to monitor real-time energy data.
The result is a modern solar system that meets the power usage of the home. The power bill has dropped dramatically – a great outcome without costing the earth!