The Future Of Renewable Energy

In 2018 solar power is a semi-regular addition to homes and businesses in Adelaide. If you are one of those on the outer, and you think you have your mind made up about solar, take a moment, and let First Choice Solar fill in the gaps! If you are exploring ways to cut down on consumption, and do your part to help the environment, it is time to consider solar as a serious option.

We are passionate about the vast environmental and financial benefits of solar and aim to inform and educate property owners about the capabilities of solar power. If you need some convincing, look no further!


The capability that solar has, to decrease your carbon emissions is immense. Using electricity by a traditional means requires the burning of fossil fuels, which are depleting, and can be harmful to the environment. Using solar power releases absolutely no emissions, and is what is considered a clean, option for energy.

The addition of a solar system is a long-term commitment to environmental sustainability, and with correct maintenance, you will continue to reap the benefits for many years to come. Whether you are environmentally conscious, or not, it is hard to ignore just how good solar can be for the environment!


Solar systems have been known to help Australian property owners cut down spending on utilities. It is perhaps the most appealing characteristic of solar power, especially in Australia where electricity prices can be daunting. A solar system will reduce the amount of electricity you are using to power up the appliances around your home, and therefore dramatically reduce your power bill.

Although a solar system will cost you, over time, the price will be recouped, resulting in year-round savings without any hassle. Businesses who operate during the day, find that a solar system is one of the best ways to cut down on utility bills.

Get the Most!

To get the most out of solar, it is essential that you enlist the high-quality professional assistance of First Choice Solar. Expert advice and installation are vital to ensuring that the system that you are getting installed is optimised in every way. We can help you design a system, select the components and set it up the best way possible. Our team aims to work cooperatively with you to make sure you get everything possible out for your solar system.

At First Choice Solar we believe in the vast and long-term benefits of solar power. If you want to join the solar journey, get in contact with us today. Our team will help you understand the inner workings of solar, and can help you design a system that ideally meets your needs and one that suits your property!