How much power do solar panels produce in Adelaide?

Solar panels are intricate devices that harness the power of the sun and convert it into the type of electricity we use in our houses. They have become increasingly popular due to their renewable energy generation capabilities, environmentally friendly nature, and as a way to SAVE MONEY ON POWER BILLS.

The table below is based on data from the CSIRO for Adelaide. It provides an overview of how much energy you can expect solar systems to generate*, assuming they are north-facing and approx. 75% efficent. *Please note that these numbers are averages; yields will be higher in summer (nearly double per day) and lower in winter (about half per day).

Estimated Solar PV System energy yields for solar panels Adelaide
Solar System Size Avg Per Day (kWh) Per Year (kWh)
3kW 12.75 4653
4kW 17 6205
5kW 21.25 7756
7kW 29.75 10858
10kW 42.5 15512

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