Finding A Solar Installer You Can Trust

Making a commitment to solar power is no small feat. It is important to make all of the considerations necessary to ensure that you are getting the very best service and product when you are converting to solar. During the initial stages of your Adelaide solar journey, it is vital that you put some thought into which installer is best for you.

When it comes to residential and commercial solar in Adelaide, our team at First Choice Solar, are the answer. Encompassing knowledge surrounding installation, products and solar in general, we are a solar installation company you can trust.


At First Choice Solar, our team’s experience in the other realms of construction, renovation and industry within the Adelaide area has led us to a point where our information of building-types greatly benefits solar installation. It is important to make considerations about the surrounding areas when installing solar panels, and our team’s experience in roofing will benefit the process. Whether it is positioning, the realities of the proposed installation, or optimisation, we can help.

There is no commercial or residential project we are too afraid to tackle. Working with different roofing materials, building positions and types, we will approach every Adelaide solar panel installation with awareness and enthusiasm.


In an ever-changing technological environment like the world of solar power, an installer who keeps their ear to the ground is absolutely paramount. We are always looking for ways to improve the installation process, for the sake of longevity and efficiency. Keeping up to date with the different and new panels, we are aware of the varying installation processes that are popping up.

We know solar installation, so you don’t have to, and any questions you may have about the process can be answered by our esteemed team of solar specialists. If you need advice about the inner workings of solar, we have you covered!

Trust and Commitment

Our mantra has always been about customer satisfaction. From your decision to add Adelaide solar panels, right through to when they are activated, we are here for you. This cooperation is second to none and allows you to benefit from our industry knowledge and passion. At First Choice Solar we know that the world of solar power can be confusing, and that’s why we guide you through the process but providing you with all of the information you need to make your decision.

If you are looking for a business to install your solar panels in Adelaide, look no further than First Choice Solar. Our near-endless knowledge and capabilities will allow you to ride the solar wave for years to come, without the added stress of the unknown. For a consultation, or to ask a question about solar installation in general, contact us today!