What Is A Solar Inverter?

When you think of solar power in Australia, the first thing that comes to mind is the large panels that you will need. In actuality, solar systems involve many working parts to ensure that the sun’s energy gets converted into power or energy you can use in your home.

The solar inverter is essentially the powerhouse of your commercial or residential solar system and is the part responsible for giving you power. At First Choice Solar, we believe in the importance of solar inverters and are here to tell just why this addition is so valuable.


The role of the inverter is essential to solar power. Primarily, the panels use individual cells to gather the sun’s energy and harness it has a direct current. This direct current is then sent to the inverter, where it is converted to an alternating current. AC or Alternating current is the type of current we use to power all appliances in our homes and businesses.

The inverter itself is physically a box (not dissimilar from a fuse-box) that is often fixed externally to the property. An inverter can monitor optimisation and conversion to ensure that everything is running smoothly.


Like most technological equipment that serves a functional purpose, there is varying quality. Depending on how much it will cost you, you can get inverters of different capabilities. At First Choice Solar, we endeavour to help property owners select an inverter that is suited for their electricity consumption and budget. We offer tier one products so that you can rest assured that you are getting an inverter that has sufficient capabilities.

We can help you make a decision, by informing you about requirements and specs of different inverters on the market.


Solar inverters vary in terms of price, output and even design. Nowadays,  microinverters are individually fixed at the base of each panel, which increases the amount of direct current converted. However, this additional feature makes it more expensive. There are also many different brands. At First Choice Solar, we elect to offer advice on the very best inverters, for your benefit.

Our team is available to help you select a solar system that ticks all the boxes, without adding unnecessary functions and traits. If you desire something that is both cost-effective and functional, allow First Choice Solar to help.

Good inverters are extremely important to ensure that you are getting the maximum power from the sun to your property. If you are looking for information about different inverters on the market, or more knowledge about how they work, contact First Choice Solar today!